Result Notes

The following members’ event points must be subtracted and do not count toward their All-Around points. This is because of the 5 Event limit which the Jr. Boys picked to count toward their All-Around Points.                      ** Updated 08/25/2020 **   

Pistol Grebe  (Jr Breakaway)

Colter Kruzich  (Jr Breakaway)

Louis Schenk  (Jr Breakaway)

Royce Siemsen  (Jr Breakaway)

Kody Sweet  (Jr Breakaway)

Garrett Youngquist  (Flag Race)

The PeeWees can only count their regular events toward All-Arounds.

Members can still win year-end prizes in all the events, but their All-Around Points can only include their given/chosen events.

2020 – 2021 List of Jr. Boy Members and their 5 events picked toward All-Around:

  • Pacen Buller  (FR,GT,BrA,TD,TR)
  • Charlie Cornnwell
  • JP Cornwell
  • Wiley Dempewolf  (BrA,TD,YR,BR,TR)
  • Easton Diegel (FR,GT,BrA,YR,TR)
  • Tryan Knight  (FR,GT, BrA,CD,TR)
  • Royce Levine (FR,GT,BrA,YR,TR)
  • Bodie Rieger  (FR,GT,BrA,CD,TR)
  • AJ Swenson (GT,BrA,CD,TD,TR)
  • Tucker Turbiville  (GT,BrA,CD,TD,TR)
  • Garrett Youngquist  (GT,BrA,CD,TD,TR)