Result Notes

The following members’ event points must be subtracted and do not count toward their All-Around points. This is because of the 5 Event limit which the Jr. Boys picked to count toward their All-Around Points.                                                                                                    ** Updated 8/23/2022 **  

The PeeWees can only count their regular events toward All-Arounds.

Members can still win year-end prizes in all the events, but their All-Around Points can only include their given/chosen events.

2022 – 2023 List of Jr. Boy Members and their 5 events picked toward All-Around:

  • Jaguar Cates   (FR,GT,BrA)
  • JP Cornwell   (BrA,TD,TR,CD)
  • Easton Diegel  (FR,GT,BrA,TR,CD)
  • Cooper Fisher  (FR,GT,BrA,TD,TR)
  • Brody Gilbert  (BrA,FR,TR)
  • Pistol “Jett” Grebe  (FR,GT,BrA,TR,SR)
  • Hitch Horsburgh  (FR,GT,BrA,TR,CD)
  • Tryan Knight  (FR,BrA,TD,TR)
  • Cole Murnion  (FR,GT,BrA,TR,BR)
  • Burke Nowak  (FR,BrA,TR,TD,CD)
  • Shane Redding  (FR,GT,BrA,SR)
  • Louis Schenk  (FR,GT,BrA,TD,TR)
  • Kody Sweet  (FR,BrA,TR,TD,BR)
  • Stone Wilson  (TR,CD)